More efficiency in project management

Training and consultancy in project management


Projects are company's investments in their evolution and tranformation. Their results have to be followed carefully.

For a CEO, visibility on projects, governance, steering, success rate, good use of resources, return on investments are all key indicators.

We work with small and medium companies managers for better [project outcomes|1412, by working on cockpits, methods, competencies and cooperation.

Project Management culture in 3 steps

-Project Management check up.

-Implementation of a project management tools, adapted to your organization.

-Project Management training and coaching to develop personal and team skills.

Specific missions

-Coordination services as well as projet support.

-Freelance Project Management mission, in the organizational, commercial or human resources area.

Since 2004, I work to provide pragamtic solution in the companies. I involve the people so that they handle as actors. I belive in "co-creation"